Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

Information we hold

*  Name and address, telephone numbers (land line & mobile – if given)
*  E-mail address (if given)
*  Membership reference number
*  Joining date
*  If you are a new member, if so the joining fee paid
*  Door entry card number
*  Annual subscription paid split between standing order, cash & bank transfer
*  The dates of any letters sent in relation to short fall in subscription payment
*  If you are a Committee Member
*  Club Officer positions held (Trustee, President, Treasurer or Secretary)
*  Membership type (Life, Ordinary or Pending).

The data is held in the original paper format i.e. the Application Form, stored in a secured cupboard and in digital format on the Club’s computer protected by a password known only to the Secretary. Both forms of data storage are in the Club Office, normally locked.

Within 28 days of a Member leaving the Club their personal data is destroyed/deleted.

The data is never shared with any third parties.

This data is held primarily to administer the membership role and to track subscription payments. It is further held to comply with Rule 12 which states :-

“Full accounts of the financial affairs of the Club, duly examined by the Club’s Independent Accountant, shall be delivered to every member with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.”

This data has to be held in order to keep control of the Member’s details and failure to keep it for an individual would mean the Member concerned could no longer be a member of the Club.

Should any Member have a concern regarding the data please contact the Club President or Secretary.

On request to the Secretary the data held for a Club Member will be provided within 28 days.

Additionally, the Club would like circulates to the Members, generally by E-mail, forthcoming events, such as the annual Boat Trip, Summer Barbeque and other ad hoc social events. For this to continue express permission is required to use the data for that purpose. Each Member is requested to give their consent to use their data in this way, the default setting is NO.

Each Member will receive/has received a detailed breakdown of the information we hold together with a consent form to use their personal data to keep them informed of social events, duplicates of the consent form can be made available on request. Failure to agree for the Club to use the data this way will mean the individual Member will NOT be kept informed of any of the Club’s social events.

May 2018